Toys New Rack

We bought two small tv racks yesterday. We assembled it and used it as Azraei's new toy rack this morning. I am in the mood of redecorating Azraei's room since he is going to has a little brother soon.And since all his toys were kept in a big box before which made him hardly pick and play with his toys, thus I decided to get racks and put it all on the racks. These are the toys that he has and I managed to arrange it in the basket and put some on the rack.

There were so many, aren't they?

And this was Azraei, giving his helping hands managing some of his toys on the rack while playing with some of it on the bed. He likes cars so much. Thus, that was the toys that he grabbed first and arranged it on the rack nicely, which finally I put it in the basket since the big toys need to use the space. 

 I just love it when I know that he is a helper.

This is the final result of the operation. Everything has been arranged on the rack. He smiles all through the process cause he met his long lost toys again. I was so glad that he likes it and promise to keep it back on the rack after playing and that was what he did today. Keep everything back in place.

The happy face of Azraei took a pose in front of his new rack.


tajuk pn rehat... jd mls nk think in english to write in english ari ni... hehehehe..

*** Cuti sekolah dh nk masuk minggu ke 3. Kandungan pun dh 8 bulan. Dan kerja aku masih lagi belum siap. Jangan sampai kerja tak siap sebelum bersalin... sudah. Bila asyik cerita kerja tak siap rasa xseronok pun ada. Cane lah kerja boleh tak siap lagi.. Sedangkan sepatutnya dah cuti dan dah berehat dh ni... Fikirkan nak bersalin kat mane, siapkan baju baby ke, kemas kemas umah ke.. Ini kene fikir kerja mana nak siapkan dulu.. Ade ke patut... 

*** Jadi nk xnak... Esok mmg gi sekolah dan target nk siapkan masuk laporan dlm fail murid.. sorang murid 1 fail.. dan laporan ade 8stack.. n setiap stack laporan bilangan murid puratanya 40 org... Orang mesti kata aku exagerate jer tu.. aku kira bernasib baik.. ada yg kene siapkan untuk 16 stacks laporan.. means 16 kelas yg dia ajar.. aku mmg mengasihani org itu...

*** Pastu... Isnin kene gi sekolah untuk keluarkan semua report analisa PBS yg dh siap ni.. Sori la pada guru yg xsiap lg tu.. xleh tunggu dah.... kalau tunggu keje yg lain xsiap... Mintak sign gb n update fail PBS tu...

*** Pastu... Isnin jugak kene siapkan Fail Pengurusan Pengakap yg baru disuruh buat minggu terakhir persekolahan hari tu... Nk kene wat dari Index, partition, n isi fail sampai siap.. Sebab nak kene serah pada org yg amik alih masa aku cuti bersalin nnt... 

*** N pada Selasa... datang sekolah lagi untuk clearkan meja yg bersepah sepah dgn kertas dan fail yang berterabur.. fail personal.. Bukan sekolah nye.. Sebab.. nnt mase cuti bersalin... org yg ganti aku tuh xde meja plak nk duduk sb meja aku yg bersepah tu.. mmm... harap2 dapat la siap minggu depan.. kalau x aku kene gi sekolah lagi next weeknya.. letih la.. 

*** N.. jugak.. buat list for works to be done tuk Program Transisi Tahun 1 sb nk kene pas pada cikgu lain.. selain hanta soalan streaming thn 1 untuk diriso juga jawatankuasa orientasi Thn 1 2013.

Lastly pada Rabu... ada check up di PPUM... thus.. hoping for baby n me are in good condition. Another 8 weeks to go... Can't wait to meet the best gift from Allah... Harap semuanya selamat.

feel the love...

Woke up this morning, felt blessed and loved. The eyes filled with tears. Thanks to Allah for such feelings. With these feelings, I felt everything is sweet, nice and beautiful. Everything is pink, velvet and lavender. Even when there are a lot to be done, it made you feel everything is possible. Have you ever get such feelings? 

Thus, here today I want to convey my thank you;

###   To my husband who always being there for me. Nobody knows me the way he does and how much he tried to cope with me. How can I show you my gratitude? I LOVE YOU SO MUCH...

###  My family who always gave me their advices that help me traveled all through my life. Only Allah knows how much I owe you...

###  Also to all my friends who always help me through everything and remind me whenever I'm lost. How can I ever repay you?

Hoping for and always pray for this such feeling will come and visit me again everyday.

Pending Tasks of PBS KSSR

There are only 4 weeks left before end of the school semester. Thus, a lot of wrap needed to be done. It is now the time to list out all the paper works, reports, yearly plan for next year and of course exam papers and marks. All needed to be done before the holiday, if you don’t want to spend your school holiday at school. If not, spending a few weeks after or maybe more just to make sure all pending tasks done at school is a must.

The most important task now is the performance report for the children. It is easy since the SPPBS system has provide us the report as we key in the score and we only have to print it out. However, if the assessment is not done yet, how can we are able to make sure that it is done before the semester ends. Since there are a lot of children seem to be missing along the way due to absences, I need to catch them as soon as possible. The only problem is I don’t like to disturb the children during class because it is the time they gained new skills and learn. That’s why I was puzzled why other teachers can just took them out of the class and assessed them out of their period of teaching. I wish I could be that strong to disturb the lesson but I am not. Thus, I am planning to take them out of my period of teaching and do the assessment during and after the exam so then they will be able to gain and master the skill assessed. The examination week is next week, thus, the children free periods are my target.

Easiest Steps of PBS KSSR

It was so chaotic when I assessed the children for the first time since the PBS for KSSR was launched in June 2011 and we needed to give the results at the end of the Dec 2011. And this year, the year of 2012, the assessment seems to go a bit smoother but slower due to I now know the process of the assessment. After 2 years of implementing PBS for KSSR at school, and to be exact, it is only 18 months of the implementation, and after trying several ways of implementing it, I have figured out the easiest way to assess the children.
These are the best steps that I can lay out for you. Hope this will help me and you.
The first step that is compulsory is to identify the descriptor and evidence in the Dokumen Standard Prestasi (not the Dokumen Standard that we used to make lesson plans) and match it with the skills that have been described in the Dokumen Standard.
Then, during your lesson in class, when you plan your lesson, if there are skills that can be assessed, make sure you also plan your assessment. Write the bands in your assessment column; such as B1D1E1. Thus, your assessment should be accordingly to the skills taught in class. And remember; not all skills taught are actually being tested. Thus, there are no issues whether you want to do it weekly, monthly or according to your school’s examination schedule. Inform and discuss with your colleagues who also teach the same topic to the same badge on how you assessed your children to make sure they do the same assessment. Don’t be shy to share the worksheets. 
Then, identify the children that are not able to master the skill. This is the ‘Pengesanan Dalaman’ process which is necessary so that all your pupils achieve the skill. You can do this while the lesson is conducted or after; if you use worksheets as your instruments. Make sure to write it down in your impact and mark the ‘Manual Skor’. 
Lastly, during your free time especially Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday, spend sometime to key in the score of your children in the SPPBS. Or wait until all the bands have been tested but then the system might be jam because everyone is also trying to key it in. And remember to print the formative and summative report and put the report in the childs' file.
One important thing to remember, make sure you assess each evidence required in the Dokumen Standard Prestasi because we don’t know whether our hypotheses that the children won’t be able to do the Band 5 or Band 6 is correct or not. Thus, test all of it. That is why I asked you to go through all the evidences (in the Dokumen Standard Prestasi) first only then you plan the assessment. 
May the steps laid out here will help you. Good luck!!! 
Descriptor : What the teachers wants to assess or teach.
Evidence : What the pupils are able to do.

Thank you dear...

As my stomach get bigger, I become weaker now. Every part of me starting to get ache and cannot stand for a long period of time. My baby now is 25 weeks along leaving only at least 15 weeks to go before my due date. 

Yesterday was Sunday and I planned to rest and do nothing except to cook. My husband knew that so he helped with all the chores. He tidied up, he swept, he vacuumed, he mopped, he washed clothes and he also cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom. He also took care of our son last night since I couldn’t sit and play with him. 

How can I ever thank him for being so generous and understanding. Thank you, sweetie. You will never know how much I appreciated that..

Just a thought...

I want to share a thought….
                It does not matter what happened to you.
                What matters is what you get from it.
Which something really did happened to me…
There’s a saying 
‘If you think that you are the best in what you do, there is actually someone that is better than you. If you think that you have the worst life on earth, there is always someone who has worse than you’
So we should be moderate, in everything. Why do I say this??? Mmmmm…  When we think we are the best, we won’t accept someone elses' ideas. We don’t even bother to learn, go to course, search for new methods and whatever is necessary to improve what we already know which is definitely not right because we urged to learn and gain more than what we already know now. Don’t you know that, when we learn more, the dumber we become? What we know is actually only a drop of an ocean. So, how can we get ourselves stuck on the same stair for a long time?  We should improve because the world is changing in every way. And it is definitely important that you learn new things since the new wave of working and thinking are spreading and yet you, still at the corner in your own world, don’t even bother to wake up and ask. To keep still and doing nothing, is not good for you. You have to stand up and throw away the ‘I am the very best and nobody is better than me’ attitude which actually isolates you from others who are improving,who keep on moving up and excelling. Besides you don’t even realize that your friends are actually much better than you even in the few years you have been friends. How can we get acknowledgement when we are not performing well in what we do while others are doing better than us? I am writing this so that I won’t be this pitiful person who doesn't want to change. And I also hope that you also will change and be ready for  change in any area of your life and work. When we are a moderate person, I am not that good and I am not that bad, thus I need to keep improving so that I will do better in the future. Everybody deserves more.
Just a thought…


deaths everyday....???

Everyday, when we watch and read the news, accidents involving cars, bikes, lorries and buses are either as the headlines or the addition news. It becomes much worse when celebration season is on the air. It concerns me much. Seems like most of us misbehave during the season. Why are these happening? Have we lost our insanity? Didn't we think of others as we drive? Shouldn't we be much much more tolerate on the road? Shouldn't we think of the passengers at the back? Shouldn't we drive as carefully as we can? Drive safely please. Because there are no winners if accidents occur. Think of ours and others loved ones cause not only us who has somebody waiting at home. Be tolerate, considerate, and please don't purposely create scene with others. All of us has reason with every action, thus, be considerate and patient. If somebody purposely trigger your bad instinct, just let it go. Don't get angry and race or chase that person. Patient and let it go. PLEASE DRIVE SAFELY no matter where you go. Life is priceless even if it is not ours. 

As time goes by...

As time goes by, everyone is a year older. As time goes by, the number of family members increased. As time goes by, the price of goods are going up. As time goes by, everything that we see is changing in many different ways. And as time goes by, and when I look at my child, I will think, what is going to happen to us later? As time goes by, will we ever realized that there are a lot that we have lost along the way now?

As a teacher, I couldn't stop thinking of the future education system that my children will face.
They are talking on revising the education system again. Did they ever think to revise on the facilities in education itself? Didn't they know that the numbers of schools are actually do not meet the demands now? Didn't they know that most of the schools in the city are now lacking the number of classes? Our children is surviving in the class just to get teacher's attention cause they are 45 of them in the class. They are struggling just to survive the situation. I, as a teacher, do not want my children to face that. I want them to be in the class at least 25 and not exceeded 30 pupils in it. That is the conducive place for them to learn. Our numbers of schools are less than the number of students now. Malaysia is growing. The numbers of residential are increasing and the numbers of school must get along with it. I'm tired of watching my pupils survived in class as much as I, the teacher, survived to give them the best that I could. Two eyes taking care over 30 pupils definitely much better than the two eyes taking care over 45 pupils.

As the numbers of residential increase, the numbers of school should also increase, and definitely, the numbers of teacher must also increase. Long term plan, or short term plan, it still need to be done. When I think about this, I will remember what we had learn in Geography, a good place to live is a place where we are close to the facilities which are school, mosque or temple, community hall, bus station or bus stop and shops and anything that will make us comfortable to stay without worries. But as they plan and build a residential area, most of the facilities (especially school) are not on the list and shop outlets are a must cause that will help them increase the profit margin. Sad and disappointed. That is how I feel. To change this, I need to be the minister first which is definitely won't happen. Complaints and suggests are all that I can do now cause we are a democratic country, a place where they allow ideas to be heard out. Don't we?

How Many Email Account Do You Have?

Since I know what is IT and emails, I had sign up quite a few email accounts. Since the year 1999, the first email account that I had was Hotmail. My roommate created it for me because I didn't know how to create my own at that time. Able to use long enough until Hotmail created a policy that users must log in at least once in 3 months. Thus, during my college years, I was able to access it once a week at cafe in campus. Then came the 3 months term holiday and I was not able to access it. During that time, I didn't have internet at home, thus quite a moment I didn't log in, and I didn't know about the policy. Thus, when I got back to campus, I tried to access it and it was already blocked. I had try many times to solve the problems but it didn't work. I lost contact with my friends in Hotmail.

Thankfully, I had my second email account. The one that I created before my Hotmail account was blocked. Thus, I used Hotmail account as my secondary email. And after my Hotmail was blocked I didn't create any secondary email account and used only Yahoo account since that. Through all my 5 years in campus, I used Yahoo account only without worrying that I might wanting to change password and forget the password and going to use the secondary email to claim my password. Which happened recently. And leaved me with no email account at all. And I had to create the new one which is Gmail now. I really regretted the day that I forgot my Yahoo password cause all my friends email address were saved in my Yahoo contact list and I didn't copy it anywhere else. I couldn't contact them again. How can the same thing happened twice? My bad wasn't it?

So now, I have 2 email accounts. The other one is Mail and I use it as my Gmail secondary account and so does the Mail is my Gmail secondary account. And the email address, I have it in my notebook. I really hope it 's going well.