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written by hasya_rmshy On 12:11 PM

I want to share a thought….
                It does not matter what happened to you.
                What matters is what you get from it.
Which something really did happened to me…
There’s a saying 
‘If you think that you are the best in what you do, there is actually someone that is better than you. If you think that you have the worst life on earth, there is always someone who has worse than you’
So we should be moderate, in everything. Why do I say this??? Mmmmm…  When we think we are the best, we won’t accept someone elses' ideas. We don’t even bother to learn, go to course, search for new methods and whatever is necessary to improve what we already know which is definitely not right because we urged to learn and gain more than what we already know now. Don’t you know that, when we learn more, the dumber we become? What we know is actually only a drop of an ocean. So, how can we get ourselves stuck on the same stair for a long time?  We should improve because the world is changing in every way. And it is definitely important that you learn new things since the new wave of working and thinking are spreading and yet you, still at the corner in your own world, don’t even bother to wake up and ask. To keep still and doing nothing, is not good for you. You have to stand up and throw away the ‘I am the very best and nobody is better than me’ attitude which actually isolates you from others who are improving,who keep on moving up and excelling. Besides you don’t even realize that your friends are actually much better than you even in the few years you have been friends. How can we get acknowledgement when we are not performing well in what we do while others are doing better than us? I am writing this so that I won’t be this pitiful person who doesn't want to change. And I also hope that you also will change and be ready for  change in any area of your life and work. When we are a moderate person, I am not that good and I am not that bad, thus I need to keep improving so that I will do better in the future. Everybody deserves more.
Just a thought…


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