in the LRT...

As usual, I just used LRT to move around KL. Thus, I took an LRT last Saturday, went to an Education Fair at KLCC Convention Centre, looking for a chance to further my study. So, I went there with my son. We had lunch before we went out and it was already 2 o'clock in the evening. Thus, I walked a bit faster in case I was late. Holding my boys' hand, we strolled to the platform. My husband dropped me at the train station. He couldn't be with us that day because he had extra work at his office. Azraei' couldn't wait to be on the train and he kept asking where was the train. Each second that question came out.

When the train arrived, he walked in with a very bright face. Looking for a seat. Unfortunately, it was full. Luckily, a girl stood up and gave the seat to us. So, Azraei' ran to the seat and climbed it up. With a laugh, he stood and watched the scenery outside the train. He was having so much fun, mentioned each thing that he saw. Asking about all the things that he didn't know," Tu apa? Ni apa?" Till we reached our destination.

We walked to the KLCC Convention Centre, and of course, we strolling again, slowly. Coz he started to mention that his legs were beginning to hurt, due to the long distance walking. He saw the aquaria pictures and asked to watched the 'vt' there. Thus we stopped by a second and moved on. When we reached the convention centre, I needed to speed up. However, Azraei' kept complaining that his legs hurt, thus I had to support him up and unfortunately I couldn't support him long because my stomach hurt. Then we continue looking around and I filled up some forms and had to get going. Azraei' started to get bored, so, it was time to leave the convention centre.

No more walking slowly, we had to walk faster. Needed to get back on the train and he was sleepy. Which later only I did realize why he kept complaining about his legs. Unlucky me, there were a lot of people waiting for the train. However we still needed to sneak in. The train was full. We had to stand, but, when the train stopped at the first station I brought Azraei' to the seats and it was the OKU seats which full of people who definitely were not OKU. 1 man and 3 ladies, young ladies and young man. I looked at them, hopefully one of them will stood up and give us the seat. I had to stare for 2 minutes and they sit still and just looked at my Azraei' with a smile; adoring his cuteness I thought. But we needed the seat, he was really sleepy. Then, Azraei' started to sit on the floor. It gave me no other choice, thus, I spoke,"Please, may any of you give me a seat?"2 times of asking. 2 ladies stood. with grumpy faces. Well I just thought, they needed to learn their manners. And Azraei', he only took about 5 minutes later to sleep. After he watched the view and really couldn't open his eyes, pity him. We were unable to reach home before he slept.

In the train, I held him tight so that he slept comfotably.Mostly, Azraei' will easily wake up if we try to support or just hold him up, but, in that train that evening, he didn't even wiggle whenever I moved or when I tightened my held on him or made myself comfortable while I held him. Later when we  reached our destination, I had to use the elevator to leave the platform as my stomach started to  hurt again. And waited for my husband to pick us up. We reached home at 5 o'├žlock that evening. Unable to take him to the playground.

The picture of the day when we went for that outing.