Easiest Steps of PBS KSSR

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It was so chaotic when I assessed the children for the first time since the PBS for KSSR was launched in June 2011 and we needed to give the results at the end of the Dec 2011. And this year, the year of 2012, the assessment seems to go a bit smoother but slower due to I now know the process of the assessment. After 2 years of implementing PBS for KSSR at school, and to be exact, it is only 18 months of the implementation, and after trying several ways of implementing it, I have figured out the easiest way to assess the children.
These are the best steps that I can lay out for you. Hope this will help me and you.
The first step that is compulsory is to identify the descriptor and evidence in the Dokumen Standard Prestasi (not the Dokumen Standard that we used to make lesson plans) and match it with the skills that have been described in the Dokumen Standard.
Then, during your lesson in class, when you plan your lesson, if there are skills that can be assessed, make sure you also plan your assessment. Write the bands in your assessment column; such as B1D1E1. Thus, your assessment should be accordingly to the skills taught in class. And remember; not all skills taught are actually being tested. Thus, there are no issues whether you want to do it weekly, monthly or according to your school’s examination schedule. Inform and discuss with your colleagues who also teach the same topic to the same badge on how you assessed your children to make sure they do the same assessment. Don’t be shy to share the worksheets. 
Then, identify the children that are not able to master the skill. This is the ‘Pengesanan Dalaman’ process which is necessary so that all your pupils achieve the skill. You can do this while the lesson is conducted or after; if you use worksheets as your instruments. Make sure to write it down in your impact and mark the ‘Manual Skor’. 
Lastly, during your free time especially Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday, spend sometime to key in the score of your children in the SPPBS. Or wait until all the bands have been tested but then the system might be jam because everyone is also trying to key it in. And remember to print the formative and summative report and put the report in the childs' file.
One important thing to remember, make sure you assess each evidence required in the Dokumen Standard Prestasi because we don’t know whether our hypotheses that the children won’t be able to do the Band 5 or Band 6 is correct or not. Thus, test all of it. That is why I asked you to go through all the evidences (in the Dokumen Standard Prestasi) first only then you plan the assessment. 
May the steps laid out here will help you. Good luck!!! 
Descriptor : What the teachers wants to assess or teach.
Evidence : What the pupils are able to do.


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