movie night

Yesterday.. 24th August was me and my husband's movie night. He gave me the chance to pick a movie (because usually he will pick a movie for us to watch) and he even let me chose a korean movie; the one that he dislikes. He put a lot of chacteristics for the movie that we will watched that night. So, I went through the glossary of the movies that the web has (cause we streamed the movie) and got interest of this story.. I just prayed that he will likes it (since I know how much he actually hates it) Then, we watched a movie titled 'Ode to My Father'. It was an awesome movie. I didn' t even close my eyes. And my husband (who actually planned to sleep while watching it) enjoyed the movie so much and watched it with me till it ended. He able to watch a 2 hours movie without closing his eyes. Which proved that the movie was awesome cause someone who hates it watched it..

The guilt.. the longing.. the burden.. the spirit of living after a war and lost two members of the family shown in the movie.. the happiness and sorrow really kept u glued to the screen. I even cried.. #odetomyfather.. watch this.. it worth.. and what's worth more is to watch it with the person that u love..


Hi! This is the 2015, and it means ages since I updated my blog. So many events came up that stopped me from clicking the keyboard. At the moment, I am spending my holidays (my confinement period) at home with my new born baby. He is only 16 days old. My third boy. Yes, I have three children now and it is awesome. A million thanks to my husband for the best gift of the year, our baby. The biggest event this year. 

For the first time, I go through my confinement without my mother. I can't stay at her house this time as she has bigger events than me and won't be able to take care of her daughter. And guess what? My husband is home now, taking care of me. Yes, amazing right! I would say that, many will say, there is no way he will be around at the moment; to do all chores, cooking, nursing the kids and all. And for your knowledge, he did applied for his leave and it's for 10 days, which means, he takes three weeks leaves just to take care of his beloved wife (adding up to the seven days leaves that he got beginning from the day that I gave birth). I feel loved, blessed for what he did. Thank you honey for your love. And thank you Allah for giving him to me.