deaths everyday....???

Everyday, when we watch and read the news, accidents involving cars, bikes, lorries and buses are either as the headlines or the addition news. It becomes much worse when celebration season is on the air. It concerns me much. Seems like most of us misbehave during the season. Why are these happening? Have we lost our insanity? Didn't we think of others as we drive? Shouldn't we be much much more tolerate on the road? Shouldn't we think of the passengers at the back? Shouldn't we drive as carefully as we can? Drive safely please. Because there are no winners if accidents occur. Think of ours and others loved ones cause not only us who has somebody waiting at home. Be tolerate, considerate, and please don't purposely create scene with others. All of us has reason with every action, thus, be considerate and patient. If somebody purposely trigger your bad instinct, just let it go. Don't get angry and race or chase that person. Patient and let it go. PLEASE DRIVE SAFELY no matter where you go. Life is priceless even if it is not ours.