As time goes by...

As time goes by, everyone is a year older. As time goes by, the number of family members increased. As time goes by, the price of goods are going up. As time goes by, everything that we see is changing in many different ways. And as time goes by, and when I look at my child, I will think, what is going to happen to us later? As time goes by, will we ever realized that there are a lot that we have lost along the way now?

As a teacher, I couldn't stop thinking of the future education system that my children will face.
They are talking on revising the education system again. Did they ever think to revise on the facilities in education itself? Didn't they know that the numbers of schools are actually do not meet the demands now? Didn't they know that most of the schools in the city are now lacking the number of classes? Our children is surviving in the class just to get teacher's attention cause they are 45 of them in the class. They are struggling just to survive the situation. I, as a teacher, do not want my children to face that. I want them to be in the class at least 25 and not exceeded 30 pupils in it. That is the conducive place for them to learn. Our numbers of schools are less than the number of students now. Malaysia is growing. The numbers of residential are increasing and the numbers of school must get along with it. I'm tired of watching my pupils survived in class as much as I, the teacher, survived to give them the best that I could. Two eyes taking care over 30 pupils definitely much better than the two eyes taking care over 45 pupils.

As the numbers of residential increase, the numbers of school should also increase, and definitely, the numbers of teacher must also increase. Long term plan, or short term plan, it still need to be done. When I think about this, I will remember what we had learn in Geography, a good place to live is a place where we are close to the facilities which are school, mosque or temple, community hall, bus station or bus stop and shops and anything that will make us comfortable to stay without worries. But as they plan and build a residential area, most of the facilities (especially school) are not on the list and shop outlets are a must cause that will help them increase the profit margin. Sad and disappointed. That is how I feel. To change this, I need to be the minister first which is definitely won't happen. Complaints and suggests are all that I can do now cause we are a democratic country, a place where they allow ideas to be heard out. Don't we?