Toys New Rack

written by hasya_rmshy On 5:51 PM

We bought two small tv racks yesterday. We assembled it and used it as Azraei's new toy rack this morning. I am in the mood of redecorating Azraei's room since he is going to has a little brother soon.And since all his toys were kept in a big box before which made him hardly pick and play with his toys, thus I decided to get racks and put it all on the racks. These are the toys that he has and I managed to arrange it in the basket and put some on the rack.

There were so many, aren't they?

And this was Azraei, giving his helping hands managing some of his toys on the rack while playing with some of it on the bed. He likes cars so much. Thus, that was the toys that he grabbed first and arranged it on the rack nicely, which finally I put it in the basket since the big toys need to use the space. 

 I just love it when I know that he is a helper.

This is the final result of the operation. Everything has been arranged on the rack. He smiles all through the process cause he met his long lost toys again. I was so glad that he likes it and promise to keep it back on the rack after playing and that was what he did today. Keep everything back in place.

The happy face of Azraei took a pose in front of his new rack.


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