Pending Tasks of PBS KSSR

written by hasya_rmshy On 1:05 PM

There are only 4 weeks left before end of the school semester. Thus, a lot of wrap needed to be done. It is now the time to list out all the paper works, reports, yearly plan for next year and of course exam papers and marks. All needed to be done before the holiday, if you don’t want to spend your school holiday at school. If not, spending a few weeks after or maybe more just to make sure all pending tasks done at school is a must.

The most important task now is the performance report for the children. It is easy since the SPPBS system has provide us the report as we key in the score and we only have to print it out. However, if the assessment is not done yet, how can we are able to make sure that it is done before the semester ends. Since there are a lot of children seem to be missing along the way due to absences, I need to catch them as soon as possible. The only problem is I don’t like to disturb the children during class because it is the time they gained new skills and learn. That’s why I was puzzled why other teachers can just took them out of the class and assessed them out of their period of teaching. I wish I could be that strong to disturb the lesson but I am not. Thus, I am planning to take them out of my period of teaching and do the assessment during and after the exam so then they will be able to gain and master the skill assessed. The examination week is next week, thus, the children free periods are my target.


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