people u will meet

I was taught to be thoughtful, kind, generous, helpful, emphatic, sincere, honest and respect others. Why do my mum taught me that? Because people are all thoughtful, kind,  generous, helpful, emphatic, sincere, honest and respect others. I thanked her for that much since I know I am a better person. However, as I grown, I found out that not all people are generous, kind, emphatic, thoughtful, helpful, sincere and respect others. Which means not all people are like what she said. There are a lot types of people because each and everyone is unique. Some are kind and some are mean. Even some are willing to kill just to achieve their dreams. Why? Because we were growing up differently.
That's the lesson that I have learn as I live my life. You will meet kind and honest friends and you will also meet the worst kind of enemy which will hunt you down or the backstabber friends too. You don't create the enemy, despite of the usual things and great deeds, however the enemy will come since you don't know what is it that triggers the foe. If you trigger it then they will definitely be there. They will hate everything about you and they will make you fall. Despite of the good things, they will make it all look ugly. 
So, it is not about who they are or how they react on you. But, this is about how you react on them and this is where I'm lacking. I always respond to the foe wrongly because they don't stop. If what I did is right, definitely all the attacks will end. However, it's not. Which makes me think that the best way to deal with it is only by silence and doa. You are stupid to react to these type of enemies because no matter you do or said won't make them stop from bugging you until you react on it. They will laugh and keep on doing that over and over again when you react. Since than, better to be silent. That is a reminder. SILENT because I don't know how to trick or being bad to those enemies.