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Adzin Aqmar at 1 day. At my mom's house. Spent confinement period at hers for two weeks. Had jaundice. A little amount. Not exceeded 10.00.
Adzin Aqmar at 1month old. During checked up. his weight was 3.7kg. Staring at anything during the day. Slept twice a day only. Slept all through the night. Once woke up for bf. Nurse advised to wake him up however I didn't do it coz he slept less during the day.

Adzin Aqmar at 2 months. His weight was 4.3kg. Smiled and stared. Captured the smile. Sleeping Schedule, remained the same. Slept twice a day and the whole night through.

Adzin Aqmar at 3 months. His weight was 5.3kg. Smiled and stared. Laughed and responded to voices and reactions. Sleeping Schedule, remained the same. Slept twice a day and the whole night through.

 Adzin Aqmar at 4 months. Weight; 6.0kg. Began to move side to side but not yet rolling. Captured the serious face after woke up from his nap. Responded to his brother. Smiled and played with his brother too.

Adzin Aqmar at 5 months. Weight 5.9kg. Decreased. Height 63cm. He had cough. Terrible cough. Didn't want to bf at all. He had cough for two weeks. Poor baby. However he still happy and cheer. Always play along with us. He could lie downward and rolled over now.

 This is Adzin now. 6 months. His weight 6.4kg. Height 65cm. Play along. Love to laugh. Love porridge, puree and nestum. His cough attacked him again. It's almost 2 weeks now. Pity him. Less sleep and less eating. Rolled over and push up his torso upwards. Beginning to lift up his bump also. Can't wait to see him crawl soon. He definitely can stand and sit with help now. Hope he stay strong and healthy. 


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    xpuas tgk muke adik..

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