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He is already 6 months now and there is none entry about him yet. Grrr... Sorry dear. Too much in my mind and I forgot to do this.

It began at 1200 noon. I had the stomached, felt like something pushing the belly. I lied down cause I couldn't stand or sit; I hardly breathe if I sit or stand. The pain lasting for the whole evening. At 0000hrs, 1st Jan. I already felt the contractions. Very little contractions. I didn't want to wait until my water broke and since I was able to walk down the stairs on my own, so I asked my husband to take me to the hospital. Arrived at the hospital at 0230hrs. The rooms were full. I had to wait outside. Got a bed, lied down and wait for the doctor. The doctor came and checked me in the ward. Still early, only 2 cm. The pain continued and in normal contractions. The doctor came once again, and said it was 4cm now. I was glad, cause he will came out soon. At noon, I felt the strong contractions and called the nurse. I thought that this was it. When the nurse came and said the magic words,"Calm down baby, the room is full downstairs, wait till it clear ok...'' Then magically, the hard contractions gone and stayed at 4cm the whole evening. My parents paid a visit and so does my siblings at 1700hrs. It 1st Jan, a public holiday. So everybody was there, hoping to meet him that evening. Nothing happen. Only the normal contractions, that's what the nurse said. So at 2000hrs they all went back home since everyone had to work on the 2nd Jan. My mom took Azraei with her to Malacca so then it will be easier for Mr Hubby to take care of me. Mr Hubby waited downstairs and I walked and walked and suddenly I had the bleeding and the hard contractions. It was 2300hrs already. Called the nurse and they took me to the labour room. Cleared everything out so then he will came out clean. The doctor came in and found out that my cervix was still thick but the stretches was good for labouring. So she asked the other doctor to push my belly to thinned the cervix. They poked and my water broke and I could feel he's coming. And there he was, after my third pushed. It was 0118hrs. He came out with a cry and poop.

Most people said, your second will be easier. But with my case, it was harder and longer than my first. Both labour experience, never had a chance to say "My water broke". :-).. 


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