Blessed and syukur...

written by hasya_rmshy On 10:57 AM

After quite some time, this blog turned silent. The busy me forget to spend a little time to look back and review. 

Its 2016, and its June. My life has turned great. Everything that happened in life is sweet even though there are some that are bitter but it turned sweet. I learnt to accept life as it is and turned the bitter thing to sweet. I managed my time better even though it did turn upside down few times. Chaotic, but that's how I learnt to cope. Its tiring but its fun. Its turned you into someone better. The boys have grown a year older and wiser. Not a single word of complaint even if I didn't cook. Not even a single complaint even when they were scolded. Not a wining when I was too busy doing my work. It made me think, to be a better mother and treat them better. They treat me so nicely and how can I not? How am I not blessed from this? 

Others obstacles are harder and tougher than me. There are those who are fighting cancer, there are some with financial crisis,  even problem with their work, and definitely there are fighting the bigger battle than me. How can I don't feel thankful? Life is sweet, Islam is beautiful. Thank you Allah for always remind me when I started to stray, thank you Allah for always keep me secure. There are always reason to be thankful everyday.

My journey is still long and there are much to digest and brew. There are so much to be thankful. There are so much love to be shared and spared. There are so much blessed and mercy that Allah grants me. SUBHANALLAH.. 

The biggest reason to be thankful. 


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