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written by hasya_rmshy On 2:53 PM

Shocking news and events really put me down at the moment. Crawling to stay focus now. To change??? The mindset and the routine??? Really need time to adopt and adapt for that. My angles are the faces that can soften my heart now. Tough times do come at the moment we think it is fine now. Allah remembers me and that is why Allah gives me this so that I will remember Allah as well. Allah wants me to keep on clinging and asking for Allah's kindness. This is hard but definitely not as hard as His test to the Palestenians and Syrias. 

He will not test us with the thing that we can't cope. Thus, there are always ways and solution in every corner of life. Be strong to face it. Do not crawl to focus. I need to run cause time moves fast. Crawling will only put me way behind the datelines. Stop crawling. Move faster. Run. So many things need to be done. The dateline is just around the corner. 

Ya Allah, gives me strength so that I can manage to face Your test. You are The Almighty who owns this universe, thus guide me to go through the journey so that I will always be under Your watch. Help me Ya Allah so that I will always remember who am I to You and who am I to my husband and who am I to my children and who am I to my pupils and who am I to me. Ya Allah, please guide me. 


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