Azraei' and fever.

written by hasya_rmshy On 11:47 AM

Having fever since yesterday.He stayed home and didn't went to his nursery today even when he wanted to. Thus, after his bath, he requested his sports outfit (with the shoes and socks) and I let him wore it. Because when I told him to wear his normal clothes and take off the shoes ans the socks, he began to cry. The same happened when he asked for all the free toy sets that was attached to his yogurt milk that I already arranged in the freezer. I told him to wait a while then, there he went crying again. The worst behaviour ever. He never had a tantrum before no matter how sick he was. However, today everything seemed so wrong for him. He ate everything that he wanted and played every game and toys that he saw but still nothing was able to make him satisfied and the point that making him angrier was when his foam aeroplane fan broken. He blamed me, throwing his plane and the fan, and starting to cry. Then to cool him down, persuaded him to take a nap and he cried too, a lot. Dragged him to bed cause I am not strong enough to cuddle him and finally he walked and followed me to his room. He lied down with the shoes and tears still going down to his cheek. With a slow voice, I recited some doa and surah, begging him to put off his shoes and he was strongly requesting to sleep with his shoes so then the shoes won't go missing. Again, persuade him to put it near him, which beside his pillow and he put it there. He asked me to stay until he fell asleep. He slept with his shoes in his hands and I make him let it go afterwards. 
Really hopes that the pain will soon go.


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