How Many Email Account Do You Have?

written by hasya_rmshy On 9:51 PM

Since I know what is IT and emails, I had sign up quite a few email accounts. Since the year 1999, the first email account that I had was Hotmail. My roommate created it for me because I didn't know how to create my own at that time. Able to use long enough until Hotmail created a policy that users must log in at least once in 3 months. Thus, during my college years, I was able to access it once a week at cafe in campus. Then came the 3 months term holiday and I was not able to access it. During that time, I didn't have internet at home, thus quite a moment I didn't log in, and I didn't know about the policy. Thus, when I got back to campus, I tried to access it and it was already blocked. I had try many times to solve the problems but it didn't work. I lost contact with my friends in Hotmail.

Thankfully, I had my second email account. The one that I created before my Hotmail account was blocked. Thus, I used Hotmail account as my secondary email. And after my Hotmail was blocked I didn't create any secondary email account and used only Yahoo account since that. Through all my 5 years in campus, I used Yahoo account only without worrying that I might wanting to change password and forget the password and going to use the secondary email to claim my password. Which happened recently. And leaved me with no email account at all. And I had to create the new one which is Gmail now. I really regretted the day that I forgot my Yahoo password cause all my friends email address were saved in my Yahoo contact list and I didn't copy it anywhere else. I couldn't contact them again. How can the same thing happened twice? My bad wasn't it?

So now, I have 2 email accounts. The other one is Mail and I use it as my Gmail secondary account and so does the Mail is my Gmail secondary account. And the email address, I have it in my notebook. I really hope it 's going well.


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