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written by hasya_rmshy On 5:23 PM

             no matter what we're going to do.. a set up is a must.. to set up the first step.. the second.. the next.. and the last step.. everything needs a setup.. a quick set up or a detail setup.. it's up to you.. no matter what it takes.. it must be plan so that it will go smoothly and with the least of interruption... so the same with the instrument that we're going to use... i had finish up a standard operation procedure on preparing the performance standard instrument which i plan to distribute it to my colleagues once i done translated it to bahasa malaysia and put it in the PBS file at school.. unfortunately... the time constrain... so i need to rearrange my unfinished task either home chores or school work.. at home.. is not a suitable place to do your school work.. thus...  need to put everything in  the schedule... coz at school.. once the bell rang.. no more time to do management work except teaching... thus... sacrifice must be made... go to work early.. as early as it can be.. so everything that plan to be settle is settled... hope so everything will be done.. before i know it will...


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