the busy year..

written by hasya_rmshy On 3:15 PM

The year of 2012, means it is the second year PBS has been implemented in school. Thus, as expected it's gonna be a busy year again. As for taking the year 2 classes, everything must be new. And for those who are taking year 1, it must be easy since all the resources that we have last year are still relevant to be used again. Furthermore the resources are growing now. Thanx to all the teachers whom are so concerned in making other's burden lighter than before. I hope so we are able to deliver the message of the PBS and do it sincerely to make sure the kids have achieved what they are supposed to achieve. I hope so I am able to attach the standard operation process here soon. Just wanna share a link which I had already added up at the top of my page. Hereby I add it again..


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