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written by hasya_rmshy On 10:46 AM

            coloured contact lenses... we can find it a lot in the market now with a a very cheap price... that anyone can afford to have a pair of it... and for muslims also.. they buy it and wear it.. as they forget that it is haram to change parts that has been given by Allah...even by changing our eyes colour.. our hair colour... didn't we have non coloured contact lenses.. it is more expensive but it doesn't change our eyes' colour.. didn't we have something that is already beautiful that we don't have to change it..what we have is actually the best that has been given by Allah... why did Allah gives you brown eye.. aren't we Malaysians.. we have so many beautiful culture that we don't have to be ashamed of.. by looking at our brown eye.. we remembered where we come from.. which definitely will remind us who we are... which definitely will lead us in every actions that we will take..aren't there are a lot of good than bad of what has been granted to us.. by Allah The Almighty..
             we can't afford to create more sins.. so many small bad things we've done.. of course we don't want unawarely adding up another... such as wearing the coloured contact lenses..many of us get carried away by normal life shown by others that they forget the best ay of life which is Islam.. aren't what others want from muslims are to make us lead their life... so that we will become them and not the real mulims anymore... make us lost and sins... syaitans have succeed if we don't turn back and lead our precious way of life of Islam...


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