azraei' is three months old....

written by hasya_rmshy On 12:53 PM

 this is the picture when he was two months old... some of it... as i cleaning up the mess in my files.. then only i realize that we have a lot of him in pictures and videos... thus.. this is what i decided to create... album of him with page... there are a lot more... and i still on the go...

this is what i should concern by now... 
In months 3 through 6, your baby's physical development continues to progress. She has graduated from the newborn look to that of a baby with full cheeks and a plump body. Additionally, she will begin to impresses you with a whole new range of skills and abilities.
As the months have passed, the little rolls on her body have increased. She has filled out well, possibly doubling her birthweight between the fourth and sixth month. And while she won't be doing jumpshots on the basketball court any time soon, by her sixth month she may have grown 6 inches in length.
Gross Motor Skills:
During this time your baby will be showing a wide range of gross motor skills that will keep you "oohing and ahhing." By 4 months she may perform such feats of strength as "baby push-ups," supporting her weight with her arms as she lifts her head and chest of the floor. At 6 months, she may be sitting up with the support of her arms and will likely be able to roll over from back to tummy. Though she is a few months from walking, when you hold her up with her feet touching the floor, she will attempt to support some of her body weight and may even take a few practice steps.
Fine Motor Skills:
Though she still is not skilled at manipulating objects masterfully, your baby will have expanded her bag of tricks. By the end of 6 months, she will be reaching for desired objects and passing toys from one hand to the other. When the mood strikes her, she may entertain herself by banging two blocks together or by holding her own bottle.
Sensory Development:
Though the development of her sense of taste, smell, and touch has not expanded greatly from her abilities at 3 months, she has shown marked advances in her eyesight and hearing. She can follow objects with her eyes and now has a sense of depth perception to judge how far away objects are. She can see objects several feet away from her and has now managed to process the speed and distance of moving objects in order to grab for them.
As far as her hearing, it also has progressed in the past several months. She will turn her head in the direction of a sound and may become frightened by loud noises. Toys that make noise, like rattles, fascinate her, as well as the sound of her own babbling voice.

it is not complete if it's only him in the pictures... n since we never took pictures together...

this is so n so...

n the facts about him during he is three months old....

weight --->> 6.5 kg
height ------->>>>> 66 cm
hair ---->> bold
skin --->> still fair
physical --->>>> tough enough to stand and sit... but of course with a little help...
 abilities  ----->>>>> smiling.... laughing.... rejecting..... holding things....
......holding hands.... giggling..... tasting.... staring... listening...
searching sound source... looking for his emak....
responding.... staring...


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  1. wawa n nasz Said,

    wahh sungguh gagah ye bby boy ko..he,faheem mase 3months berat nye 6.2kg br :) next week nk masuk 4bln dh..

    Posted on December 14, 2009 at 2:37 PM

  2. hasya_rmshy Said,

    alhamdulillah... semangat sgt... ok aper faheem nyer berat tuh... aku tgh worried nih... sb skang nih der dgn aku dh samer besar..

    Posted on December 17, 2009 at 9:10 PM

  3. aMa Said,

    hasya, azraei' sgt hensemmm & gagah! :)

    Posted on December 26, 2009 at 1:45 AM


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