activity during the weekend

written by hasya_rmshy On 11:11 AM

after so long i have not updated this blog.. alast.. i found a good topic to share... about what can you do together during weekend which will give you refreshment and joy...

last weekend.. my husband and i cooked together for our lunch... it was so fun that we were able to do it together... we started our day as usual that day.. i cooked breakfast and my husband do the chores.. then we relaxed and watched tv... lying on a nice and cozy comforter... then we decided to make lunch.. a simple one.. he prepared the ingredients and i cooked... these are the food that we cooked and we enjoyed it during our lunch... it was just simple.. but the taste is more delicious when we share it with our loved one...
fried long beans and prawn

baked chicken and baked prawn


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